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  • Hello all, First of all, My name is Nina. I am 27 years old. Height: 174 cm. Weight: 53 kg; Bust: D; I am an elegant, sophisticated Russian girl living in a metropolis not far from Arbatskaya metro station, and I believe big cities are good for business. I was born in the ultimate metropolis of Moscow. I love this city, especially when it full of tourists bustling around. The city center of Moscow is alive and buzzing through the day and the night and this legacy makes the citizens different from other people. High rise apartment jungles may look nice for young couples, classical Russian buildings may look nice for adult people. If, one day, my friend will be interested in a small sight-seeing tour, then I would love to take and show him a bit of my Moscow and I would start it in The Red Square of the city with it's splendid view of the Kremlin and the St. Basil's Cathedral. Well, together we will visit the GUM, the biggest and one of the most famous department stores in the world not far from The Red Square, with it's unique atmosphere. When we are there, we will taste and share their delicious ice-cream. We can also visit lot's of small shops not far from the center, all with prices within the reach of typical Muscovites. Then I will escort my guest for a romantic walk along the river embankment, and not far from the Rddisson Collection Hotel, where we can sit back and relax closely together on a luxury boat trip to enjoy awe-inspiring views of Moscow from the perspective of the water, especially as the sunsets. Overall, on no occasion will I let my friend miss the opportunity to take in the most famous sight city sights. Besides, I am a skilled massage therapist with some extraordinary skills that you need to try to believe! I will be more than you are wishing for. Furthermore, I am an amazig masseuse to spend time with and my massages are universally regarded as absolutely incredible. WhatsApp

    A small interesting story from my carefreeness childhood. I remember the day when I went to school for the first time. I was about seven years old by that time. To my delight the color of the uniform was very girlish with very white collar. I felt sheepishly when I first met my classmates. To my relief my teacher was very kind to me and she admitted that my dress was distinctly different from other girls dresses. I could hardly contain my excitments when my classmates were gawping at me. This is a very "moving" story, isn't it?

    There are a lot of sights in Moscow that are worth visiting.

    One of them is Tretyakov Gallery. The main building of the Gallery is located in Lavrushinsky lane, it was the main merchant street of that time. As the number of painting grew, they needed more space. The very first painting were painted by Russian artists. In 1874, the patron of the Tretyakov Gallery bought several works by Karl Bryullov, including the very famouse painting "The Horseman". In August 1892, The patron donated his collection to the city of Moscow. The Gallery survived the Russian and February revolutions, two world wars, the formation and collapse of the USSR. I can be your romantic and sexy art critic next time and escort you to the Tretyakov gallery, wouldn't you love it?

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