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Moscow Russia. Sight-seeing with my foreign friend
My name is Nina. I am elegant, classy Russian girl living in a metropolis and I think big cities are good for business. I was born in Moscow. I love this city full of tourists bustling around. If, one day, my encounter friend interested in a small sigh-seeing tour then I will show him a bit of my Moscow and I would started it in the central square of the city with its splendid view of the Cathedral. I like to visit the biggest all-rounder shop not far from Red square. Never before have you visited GUM with such a staggering unique atmosphere. I love to taste delicious ice-cream there. Then I can escort my guest to the river, not far from Raddison Royal hotel, where we can sit back on a boat trip and enjoy awe - inspiring views of Moscow. On no occasion should my friend miss the opportunity to gawp at the most famous building of the city. Moscow will impress everyone. During the day also during the night with a lot of small bars and chic restaurants where I like to have a glass of delicate vine and have an animated discussion with someone very nice.
Moscow with its splendid view of the Cathedral and governmental buildings.
About my visit to Moscow restaurant.
small twinkling candles
By the way I want to say some words about my recent visit to one of the Moscow restaurants
On our fisrt date, my encounter friend took me to a really posh restaurant. Clearly wanting to impress me. I wore a beautiful silk shirt with a delicate floral pattern. A stunning new pair of elegant shoes covered in gold.
This restaurant has a cross between Chinese and Europian food. To get to this place you have to go up beautiful marble stairs. Behind the big glass doors you are welcomed by the stuff. I am romantic that's why I like to have dinner by the light of small twinkling candles. At first we ordered a bottle of ice cold water and with some fresh mint leaves and a slice of lemon and delicate dry white wine. For starters we had crunchy small soft octupus with creamy souce in a small ceramic bowl. You can soak up the souce with octopus and it is very delicious. The next dish was warm square pieces of eggplants with sweet spicy souce the main dish we canceled becuase we were full and hot by that moment so instead of a main dish we ordered a succulent cold watermelon. We went to his hotel's room quickly where we had a passionate night. A strong wake me up Italian expresso and a slice of delicious home - made apple pie cheered me up next morning. My friend left but we had a great romantic time experience together in Moscow. Hope, he will call me soon.

I am russian girl living in Moscow
A small interesting story from my childhood. I remember the day when I went to school for the first time. I was about seven years old by that time. To my delight the color of the uniform was very girlish with very white collar. I felt sheepishly when I first met my classmates. To my relief my teacher was very kind to me and she admitted that my dress was distinctly different from other girls dresses. I could hardly contain my excitments when my classmates were gawping at me. This is a very moving story, isn't it?
Unputdownable story is coming soon.
Model and beautiful girl
Tearjerker story is coming soon.